Standard Self Contained Hopper Loader

Model XC-X300G XC-X400G
Motor Type Carbon Brush Induction
Motor Specification 1.1kw/1.3hp 1φ 0.75kw/1hp 3φ
Conveying capacity (kg/hr) 300 330
Loading distance (m) 3.5 4
Static wind pressure (mm/H2O) 1300 1400
  • Reliable Siemens Electron Component and cable remote controller for easy operation.
  • Micro-computer for easy setting
  • Lower part of hopper is 304 stainless steel and upper part is 201 stainless steel.
  • The foundation of the hopper is made of Aluminum and adjustable to any direction.

  • 300G equips with high-speed rectifier motor in delicate size and strong suction force
  • 400G inducts high pressure pump with low noise and services a long time


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