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Plastic Crushers – A Brief Guide

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Plastic crushers play a very indispensable role in plastic recycling plants and manufacturing facilities. It provides several advantages in addition to processing plastics that are employed as raw materials for other items like storage containers, packaging bags, toys, and consumer electronics. Plastic crushers not only assist in size reduction but also with recouping surplus plastic.

Crushers are a vital machine of efficient and economical operations in the recycling and waste management sector. Plastic crushers are manufactured for crushing a wide variety of plastics, and so they vary from low speed to modest speed with extreme torque and come in different specifications and blade sizes.

The Plastic Crusher machines are available in different makes and models. They typically range from single shaft machines to an innovative four-shaft mechanism consisting of grinders, hammers, granulators, and cutters, and sorting and shaking mechanisms. They can generally drive from 50HP to 1,250HP.


Here are described the key features of Plastic Crushers.

  1. Their assembly is rugged.
  2. They have Screen and vibration classifiers.
  3. They comprise of discharge conveyors.
  4. They have Heavy-duty gear.
  5. They have an auto-reverse mechanism.
  6. Their noise level is quite low.
  7. They have single, dual, and four-shaft mechanisms.


The use of Plastic crushers is usually seen in the plastic industry, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing units, laboratories, catering corporates, bio-medical waste management plants, food processing facilities, nursing homes, cardboard manufacturing units, healthcare facilities, and supermarkets.

Advantages of the Plastic Crushers

The following are some of the excellent benefits served by the Plastic crushers. These are described below.

  1. Plastic crushers help in recovering the waste during various industrial processes like molding, trimming, and casting.
  2. Crushed Plastic waste is very convenient to handle or re-use.
  3. Crushing is also an effectual waste disposal procedure, and this greatly decreases the cost of recycling for various industries.
  4. Plastic crushers are also being used to produce revenue by companies that sell crushed plastic for use as raw material.
  5. Plastic film crushing machine alter plastic waste into reusable raw material for making plastic containers, PET bottles, and PVC objects.
  6. They also aid in retrieving waste disposed of commercial sectors.
  7. They are used for crushing vital business documents, CDs, and floppies that comprise private details and are no longer of any use. These machines are very helpful in maintaining privacy.
  8. By reprocessing and repurposing plastic waste, amenities can also decrease their carbon footprint and protect the environment.

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