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Sanchuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading China plastic film crusher machine manufacturer, established in the year 2006. We have an extensive product line from the heavy-duty machines that are in high demand in the international market. Our company manufactured China Plastic crusher machine, and others have a prominent place in the global market. We used the most durable mechanical parts and accessories to manufacture the machines that are reliable and highly efficient.

Our High-Tech Crusher Machines:

Here at our platform, we cater to the vast range of customized crusher machines with the aid of our separate research and development department. We have hired highly professional technicians, which ensures the manufacturing of premium plastic film crusher machines with full accuracy and effectiveness. Our manufacturing units are equipped with advanced technology and the latest tools.

Our product range includes a variety of injection molding machines, rubber and china plastic crusher machine, plastic film crusher, plastic crushers, card breakers, disk crusher, and destruction machines. We are also the manufacturers of equipment such as separating the fiber after going into the crushing of fiber water pipes and the temperature controlling equipment for large molds, and such others.

Our Promising Services

Sanchuang acclaims that we are one of the trusted and highly reliable China plastic crusher machine manufacturers who have well-reputed image in the global market. We have a widespread network and agreements with shipping agencies, which aids us in delivering you your consignments at the given time. We offer you the customized services which fulfill the requirements for specialized crushing and mixing machines. For us, customer satisfaction is always on the top, and we try every inch hard to satisfy the needs of the customers by offering the best quality machines at competitive market rates.

why choose us?

Design & developmentc capabilities

You will not only have equipment, but also get reasonable suggestions and total solution. Sanchuang has established long-term cooperative relationship with many famous universities and research institutions, we can provide our customers powerful technical support.

Focus on the field for 15 years

The Plastic film crusher, plastic crusher machine etc.. you bought has been optimized on many details, such as user friendly, safty,high reliability etc. most of our technicians have been working in the field for more than 10 years. Our products are continuously innovated.

Multiple patented products

Sanchuang has a number of independent patented technologies, and we provide professional services based on this. And promise that the products you purchase have independent intellectual property rights.

Sample testing service

Special materials need a small amount of samples for testing, Sanchuang will provide free sample testing services . We will process the sample materials according to your requirements and send them back to you for confirmation, which will help you find the most suitable equipment.

Video visible production process

We will report the progress of the production to you through pictures and videos, and you will have a clear understanding of our quality control and production process. Our order anagement system makes every product traceable.

Work on Research & Development

Sanchuang has its own Research and Development department which has experts and professionals hired from all around the world related to the industry. We Manufacturer international standard plastic film crushers only.

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What are Crusher Machines?

A Crusher is a kind of machine whose purpose is to reduce large rocks into smaller aggregates, rocks, sand, gravel, or rock dust. This machine is employed to condense the size or change the structure of waste materials so they can be conveniently recycled or disposed of.

Where to Buy Plastic Crushers?

Sanchuang Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd is the most reliable platform where you can attain the best and most durable Plastic Crushers.

How does Crusher work?

Crusher Machines have a hopper at the uppermost. It is a container that clasps the rock above the crusher and uses gravity to forage it in. Consecutively, crushers can employ a belt drive to incessantly transfer the rock into the Crusher.

How many types of Crusher are there?

Crusher machines are of different types available for various industries according to their requirements. The three of the most important types are the following: 1). Jaw Crusher 2). Gyratory Crusher 3). Cone Crusher. Other types of Crusher include Impact crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, and mineral sizers.

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What are Plastic Film Crushers?

Plastic film crushers are used for crushing various plastic wastes into smaller pieces for granulation from different industries, such as plastic bottles, containers sheets, etc. The crushed plastic is then sent for recycling. This operation is highly efficient and even consumes less electricity. Plastic film crushers play an essential role in plastic recycling plants and manufacturing facilities. China plastic crusher machine is available in different makes and models. They typically range from single shaft machines to a progressive four-shaft mechanism that consists of grinders, hammers, granulators, and cutters along with sorting and shaking operations. Plastic crusher can typically drive from 50HP to 1,250HP.

Uses of Plastic Crusher Machines

The several uses of plastic film crushers include the crushing of plastics in:

  1. Plastic industries: For shredding plastic bottles, sheets, CDs, etc.
  2. Laboratories and Pharmaceutical companies: For shredding plastic tubes.
  3. Manufacturing units: For the recycling and reuse of plastic items.
  4. Catering industry and food processing facilities: For shredding plastic plates, cups, and other utensils China plastic crusher machine is used.
  5. Bio-medical waste management plants: For shredding different waste items from the garbage.
  6. Its other applications can be seen in nursing homes, supermarkets, healthcare facilities, and cardboard manufacturing units.